Incorporating your business is just the beginning. After that, saving guarding your profits with sound legal contracts and practices are imperative. Linda has not only business experience as her own business, she offers a free business assessment to assure that your business has taken the steps necessary not only to be profitable but also to protect against lawsuits that can rob you of time and money.


In addition to ruling on business disputes as a judge on the civil bench, for years Linda served as corporate counsel for both local and small business owners as well as private counsel for international companies. Her experience includes review of multimillion dollar commercial and business transactions as well as advising companies regarding business practices,
and contracts as well as the drafting of vendor and employment and noncompete contracts. As a judge she successfully ruled on many complex and hotly contested homeowner association cases, civil injunctions, and real property matters as well as thousands of commercial and residential foreclosures and quiet title matters.


In the last thirty years, Linda trademarked hundreds of corporate trademarks with the United States Trademark office as well as securing international trademarks for companies around the world.

Purchase and Sale


Employment Discrimination

As an attorney, Linda has represented corporate defendants and plaintiffs in federal courts in employment discrimination lawsuits including sexual discrimination and sexual harassment.

Employee Training