Estate Planning and Probate

Simple and Complex Probate matters

The word “probate” sets fear in many; Linda Carley takes the fear out of the process by educating her clients about the types of probate and moving through the system quickly and painlessly. Whether it is a summary administration, family administration or a formal administration, Carley Law will navigate through the process. Most probates are simple and face court involvement only because of a single asset that has been overlooked in the estate planning process.
In addition to handling estates where the decedent died intestate in Florida, Carley law also handles probate in which homes or other assets are located outside the State of Florida.

Probate litigation

Although no one likes to think that an estate will end up in litigation, if it does, you are more than prepared with Linda Carley who has more than 30 years experience including overseeing thousands of uncontested and contested probate matters.

Will, Trusts

Estate planning is crucial to anyone with assets of more than $500,000. Simple wills are less than the filing fee for a probate matter.
Although a trust is not always needed, Linda has systems in place for create them and to amend them when needed. Unlike a will, a trust will avoid probate.

Powers of Attorney

Although a will protects you in the event that you die it is only valid after you die. A power of attorney, takes effect when you sign it and is required if you anticipate living in any type of long term healthcare or assisted living facility. For a power of attorney you must designate someone as your attorney in fact who will make decisions


Selling your home so you can qualify for Medicaid is a big mistake, make sure you know what steps to take and when to assure your qualifications for Medicaid.

End of Life Directives

If you don’t want to living till the end of your life with a feeding tube or on an ventilator make sure you have a Living will and other end of life documents to protect you in the event that you become incapacitated prior to your death.