Linda has created two simple ways you can get the benefit of divorce without the cost of retaining an attorney. As outlined in her book, Divorce Made Simple, she offers two alternate methods achieving a low cost and quick divorce-a simplified divorce and a mediation and document preparation package.

Simplified Divorce

If have no children and no real property and are in agreement, our office will prepare the documents you need for your divorce at a reduced charge. Another option is available, if there are issues and are in need of a separation or settlement agreement but do not have the need for a separate mediation to agree to the terms.

Mediation and document preparation.

If you and your spouse wantto resolve issues such as time sharing and distribution of debts and assets, our office offersamediation and document preparationpackage. Under this option, if you are successful, you will avoid thecosts associated with separate legal retainers and proceedthrough yourdivorce without further court involvement. This may be your best choice for reducing the expensive costs usually associated with retaining an attorney if you believe that an amicable divorce is possible.During the mediation, Linda will work as a mediator to resolve all divorce issues. These may include the divorce itself, timesharing, child support, shared parental responsibility, alimony, equitable division and real property issues.